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Is it only a matter of time before even my own grandmother can make a pitch to Tom Foremski?

After reading blog postings from Justin Creally of High Road Communications and Joel Postman of Socialized regarding Tom Foremski and only accepting PR pitches via FaceBook, I began to speculate a couple of reasons why this might be.

1. Foremski can see the merit of the individual contacting him:
He can look at your profile details, pictures, friends (or lack thereof) and then make his own judgements judgments on whether or not the person is of caliber.

2. Foremski can see if the person is up-to-date:
To prove this point, I use my dear Grandmother as an example. Meet Helen, a 75 year old grandmother living in Ancaster, Ontario. A retiree and avid gardener, EVEN SHE HAS EMAIL NOW! However, she does not have FaceBook. (yet…)

3. Foremski is addicted to FB and would like to mix business with pleasure;
“Crack” book, as I have come to know it, offers an individual to voyeuristically peek into lives of their friends. Maybe Foremski is in a poke war with someone and refuses to give up. He needs to go on regularly to ensure his victory, doesn’t he?

Ultimately, here is what I like about the FaceBook hype (and think we all need to embrace this a bit more) is that we allow for this. By nature, we thrive on interaction, and for a while there, many were saying that the internet is very impersonal and making us distant and alien to one another. Well, now I argue that the web is extremely personal and can open more doors then windows.

Once again, I ask; Is it only a matter of time before my grandmother is pitching to Tom Foremski?


Grandmother and her funky computers

February 4, 2008 at 8:57 pm 4 comments

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