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Double Indemnity or Jeopardy?

This entry is in response to a comment posted by Will O’Neill

 Your boob problem is interesting – I was set to roll back my opinion somewhat, but then I went looking for it myself and it seems like the video is vanished, and the context of it was almost certainly in more of a humourous tone than an erotic one? So you should be good.     

To discuss, though, I would say that pornography is maybe one of the last truly stigmatic things out there, actually. I think the world out there has a more liberated attitude about sexuality and the display of it, but only when it’s attributed to strangers – to people we’ve never and will never meet. By and large, I think people are *very* uncomfortable, or at least deeply affected in some way, by bearing witness to even the simple nudity of people who they have strictly professional relationships with, and if it were even more progressed than that…? Aiee.

I’m just saying – I think it will be a long, long, long time before the social contract evolves to that extent. Anyone who allows anyone to videorecord them in any kind of sexual context is in this day and age is, in my opinion, extremely unwise. 

Publicists especially.

Do you agree? Or am I already old?!

Because “You can’t kiss away a Murder!”<p>


I agree with you and think you raise several good points. 🙂

Let me clarify for the record, what happened, and know that this is EXACTLY what I am talking about. You google my name, and “pure boobies/Miranda McCurlie’s Boobs” comes up.  To the average person, a natural assumption is that, “Miranda McCurlie showed her boobs online.”


There was no “boob” show. That would imply that I revealed to the world, everything. Once again, this did NOT take place NOR would I ever do that. Pornography is pornography.


Here is a link to an audio mashup of the incident.  Needless to say, I have learned a lot regarding what is at stake and how to restructure your image. 


I think you are “old” if you believe that we can have a closer relationship to those in power YET not be able to, in a conversational manner, chat.  We are not robots, but real people.

I also believe that to be a successful publicist, you should have experience in what you do.  What gives you more experience than jeopardizing your OWN reputation and how you go about “fixing” it. 


March 4, 2008 at 5:01 pm 4 comments

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