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The i[invaluable real world experience]PR Group

Well it finally happened, I got an internship! But an element that me and my friends are dealing with is how much can we really talk about our experiences?

So here goes, and hopefully I don’t get into too much trouble.

I am interning at The iPR Group and I absolutely love it! This is a scary point in my life and I put a big gamble on the whole PR thing.  The moment I finished my first “billable” hour at The iPR Group I finally was able to see a future for myself.

The iPR Group is a small boutique agency that specializes in consumer, consumer technology and corporate communications. I do a lot of research for my boss.  In my interview I told him flat out, “I can find ANYTHING!” (I hope I am demonstrating this.)

Pretty much I surf the internet all day, reading various technology blogs in the attempts to pair up suitable matches to pitch to.  I take this very seriously, because I know what it is like to receive an unrelated pitch.

Actually, right now I relate some of my experience to telemarketing (but more glamours of course).  The whole act of “pitching” to someone where the moment you say you are with such and such PR firm instantly shuts down the line of communication is very discouraging.  However, I am learning from John, the owner, how to find that line between being myself and representing the client.  After all, if targeted correctly, you are providing useful material.  At least, I hope this is the case!

My future is just beginning, I can feel it and I don’t think I would be getting half the real world experience with any other agency! The people at the iPR Group are professional, personable and, most importantly, teaching me how to play this game and win!


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Miranda McCurlie is 26 and finally interning!

Coming to an ageny near you!

Blog post still to come, in the process of writing it.

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