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Paranoia will Destroy Ya

I had a good friend who always lived life as if she might die tomorrow. She always would say, “Miranda, Paranoia will Destroy ya if you are not careful.”

I thought this would be a good little tag line to lead with my first official blog posting. This blog is constructed for school purposes and will discuss my take on “public relation-esque” subject matter.

One of my professors, Gary Schlee, couldn’t stress enough that, “a good rule of thumb with blogs is only post what you would want your mother or potential employer to see.”   Yike–I thought.

So posting a link to 2 girls—ok I get it, I get it. I guess this is more of a disclaimer to readers, if any, of my blog. My humour is harmless and usually sneaks in unconsciously. I guess blogging about PR instead of something more personal will be a challenge to my alter ego/humour side I call, “Helvetica”. (yes the font and my cat’s name)

For what it is worth, I just read my first line and realized it seems as though my friend died due to her hardcore life style. Negative, she is alive, has three or four kids and is living in Orillia. There’s irony for you!



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